Oficinas de Criatividade Sesc Pompeia

  • Oficinas de Criatividade Sesc Pompeia
    Programme [2016]
    Often typography gives you the big idea to a project. I just love when that happens! Specially when you can connect it with something you’ve been experimenting outside your daily practice. The connecting the dots moment. ——————————————————
    P22 Blox is a set of modular letterpress printing blocks produced by Starshapedpress and P22. Based on the American Type Founders 1944 modular metal type ornament system, it allows for a wide variety of lettering, experimental letterforms and pattern making. 
    So it looked just natural the idea to play around with the digital version of this system to create this series of covers for Oficinas de Criatividade Sesc Pompeia back in 2016. Each cover is printed on adhesive paper and by removing some small parts of it, it reveals the word “criatividade” [creativity in portuguese]