Selected Posters (2015—2018)

  • SELECTED POSTERS (2015—2018)

    1. Çürük [Rotten]
    May 2018, 50x70 cm, Çürük (Short Film)

    A poster design for a short film; Çürük [Rotten]. Çürük is a story of a family who faces livelihood challenges in the shadow of dense city life and pungent odors.
    Illustration: Jiayue Li 

  • 2. Vultur
    February 2018, 50x70 cm, Vultur (Short Film)

    Poster design for a short film: Vultur. Written and directed by Barış Fert and Hikmet Güler, Vultur is a story of Emin; a helpless Syrian refugee who crosses paths with Ines; a half-French, half-Turkish journalist in Istanbul. 
    Illustration: Jiayue Li 
  • 3. SALT Research Architecture and Design Archive
    May 2018, 50x70 cm, SALT

    A visual system and a poster campaign to promote four of the research archives; Ali Saim Ülgen, Cengiz Bektaş, Altuğ and Behruz Çinici, and Hayati Tabanlıoğlu. A coherent visual system and communication campaign have been designed by creating series of color-coded posters; two posters for each research archive—using a vertical and a horizontal visual from each research archive.
  • 4. Poster Series for Dwell
    May 2017, 45x68.3 cm, Dwell (Short Film)

    Poster Series for the promotion of Dwell—a short film written and directed by Barış Fert & Hikmet Güler. Dwell is a story of a girl who desperately tries to adapt herself to a timeless landscape. She takes different paths to understand the meaning of her existence in a particular territory.

  • 5. Vincent Dieutre
    March 2017, 50x70 cm, FOL, IKSV

    Poster design for filmmaker Vincent Dieutre's talk event hosted by FOL and IKSV as a part of 36th Istanbul Film Festival.
  • 6. Meriç Öner
    May 2016, 48x68 cm, Manifold

    Poster design for architect and researcher Meriç Öner's talk at Jeff Talks event.
  • 7. Vote 2016
    April 2016, 28x38.4 cm, AIGA

    My contribution to AIGA's Get Out the Vote 2016: A civic engagement initiative wields the power of design to motivate the American public to register and turn out to vote in the 2016 general election.
  • 8. Satsko
    May 2015, 40x56 cm, Sake Bar Satsko

    Satsko is a Sake bar and Japanese Tapas restaurant located in East Village, New York City. Satsko values traditional Japanese cuisine and traditions while they experiment by merging traditional Japanese cuisine with contemporary and western cuisines. In my design approach, I have merged traditional Japanese visual language with contemporary geometry and typography.
  • 9. JJ Sedelmaier
    November 2014, 27.9 x 43.1 cm, School of Visual Arts

    Poster design for J.J. Sedelmaier's lecture at SVA MFA Design program.