Que Leve! - Healthy Food Brand Identity

  • Overview

    Leve is a brand born with a simple purpose: To offer quality and flavor to those who seek a healthy diet or suffer from dietary restrictions. Through careful choice of ingredients and ways of preparation, Roberta Queli (brand creator) develops her recipes always thinking about the well-being of her captive clients.

    The proposal of the brand is to be light as the name itself suggests. In this sense the brand seeks to go beyond, associate the lightness not only with the products but also with the way to meet and deal with people. The brand today offers its customers varieties of cakes, breads and salads, all free of preservatives, with options for people who have restricted food.

    The public to be hit by the brand is in search of health and well-being. It is a demanding public, who cares about health but does not give up the taste. They want a result with their food at the same time combined with a pleasant gastronomic experience. It is mixed and quite varied, with a predominantly older age group, although young people between the ages of 19 and 30 also fit in this context.
    The brand needs to be light, obviously, the idea of freshness, which refers to the concepts of well-being and health at the same time showing the "done in the hour".
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