Modern Assassin

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    This is a website design for Assassin's creed, inspired by the modern plot of the "Black Flag", I would like to show the Assassin's Creed game in another way, For example, what kind of experience is an assassin from the perspective of the Templar?

    So there was such a set of works. I set the background to the internal website of Abstergo, a company owned by the Templar. Here, the company staff can view all information of the hostile organization [Assassin Brotherhood] with their own ID rights. They can post their opinions on the homepage message boards, forums, and communicate with other staff, or fill in the latest content to enrich the system database.

    The overall style is dominated by the lightweight FUI. Basically, it completely abandons the use of the game atmosphere to design the page, the entire implementation process is very interesting, ha ha ha!

    At last, hope you will like it!