Circle of Excellence 2018 Program

  • Every year, E*TRADE honors its top-earning sales and service representatives by sending them on an all-expenses paid trip. In 2018, that trip was to Mexico. 

    This is the main program and information package that winners received upon arrival. Understandably, our event planners wanted to capture the broad color palette found in Mexican culture. I also wanted to be careful to style it in a way that would complement the modern 5-star surroundings of the resort and pay respect to Mayan culture. 

    With the concept you're about to see, I convinced the Brand team to let us bend the rules of our style guide and create a look just for this event. Thankfully, they liked what they saw and we were off to print.

    This is the end result. It's one of my favorite projects of 2018 so far.
  • The cover
  • Welcome spread
  • Resort spread
  • Activities spread
  • Day three spread
  • Day four and Save the Date
  • Winners spread, the first of three
  • Front and back cover spread
    Fun fact: The back cover image inspired the color palette of the entire piece. Each color used throughout this piece was pulled from these sugar skulls.