LeapHub | MFA thesis, 2018

  • LeapHub allows young people to connect with social causes that they care about. This thesis assist recent college graduates and young adults in creating and assisting businesses that are socially responsible. My research showed, many young people lack knowledge about how to be involved in social impact causes they care about. In the US, 63% of higher education students want to start their own business. And In California, 70% of higher education students care about working for social change. Therefore, while young people are often starting their own business, especially in California, they don’t often start with a social impact agenda even though they care about these issues.

    LeapHub’s solution:
    Step1: Connect young people who care about social impact
    Step2: Educating them through LeapHub workshop
    Step3: Providing opportunities to get involved and potentially collaborate
  • Learn more information at leaphub.org