• Odd Salon Members Card

    A set of cards, designed and printed (letterpress) for Odd Salon (a storytelling/drinking community in San Francisco)
  • A short film illustrating the production process
  • Close-up of one of the cards
  • Printed letterpress on a vintage 5x8 Kelsey Press
  • "Pick a card, any card..."
  • Done in silver ink and glossy overprint varnish over lightly textured black card stock.
  • There is a subtle deboss overprinted with a spot of varnish
  • Printed from a photopolymer plate — an alchemical wedding between traditional letterpress and digital technology
  • Odd Salon is an evening series of cocktail hour lectures based in San Francisco, featuring short talks illuminating extraordinary and unusual chapters from history, science, art, and adventure.  (www.oddsalon.com)