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    The Classroom is an annual summer camp that combines education and culture. It takes place in the city of Los Angeles during the first week of May. Our goal is to empower the young adults of LA to get on track towards success, to reach goals in school and follow passions. The event invites leaders and role models who are based in the neighborhood, as well as around the States, to come and share their personal stories, while addressing a wide range of topics within their different paths to success.


    Los Angeles County has one of the highest rate of juvenile crime in the world. The county houses more than 2000 minors per day in juvenile detention facilities. There are a few reasons that lead to this problem such as: Failure in school; Family absence; Substance Abuse and Exposure to gang related environments.


    Staying true to the name of the event, the design language is inspired by the students’ lives around the classroom. From school supplies to school buses, yellow is no doubt the primary color. Another component of the design language is doodling. The various doodles throughout the campaign create a relatable and friendly look for young children.

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