Durham Group Corporate Web Site

  • Durham Group, Inc. Corporate Website
    A Bold Web Presence for an Industry of Professional Competitors
  • Durham Group, Inc. came to JMS Consultations with a dilemma: while they were not happy with their existing web presence, they were uncertain there was time for a re-brand before the company president was set to speak at a business symposium.

    I got right to work! Reviewing industry web site trends, I recognized that Durham had an opportunity to stick out right away by merely deviating from the traditional corporate blue and gray palette. Instead, I opted for a black and brown palette that was bold enough to stick out, but conservative enough to keep potential clients within their comfort zone. Bold lines frame the page, but are joined by an "upward" slanting diagonal line that implies "onward and upward" motion. To close out each page, quotes taken from the company president reflect an expertise in business and sales.

    In spite of the tight deadline, the website was completed in enough time to let our client encourage his audience to "Visit my website" with confidence.

    2011 American Web Design Award Winner (GD USA)