Centenary of Metro de Madrid — Visual Identity Proposal

    Visual identity proposal for the centenary of Metro de Madrid

    When I consider the identity for the centenary of Metro de Madrid, the first thing I noticed is that the most beautiful and special thing about this company is that it looks for solutions to make life easier for people. This led me to think about the common element that encompassed everything: connecting people, being part of their destiny.

    For this project, I developed a concept that allows to express this idea. I went from more complex ideas, to the most basic and functional. I was inspired by the function of connecting different destinations, including those of people, joining them together.

    The result is a clean and expressive identity, which defines Metro de Madrid as a dynamic company, committed to the people of Madrid and with a clear vision of the future.

  • The map of the Madrid Metro and its characteristic elements.
    It's almost impossible to go through Madrid and not cross it at some time. It's not a star monument of the city, nor is it an emblematic building. However, every day thousands of eyes are fixed on him.

    There are even people who tell friends and family places in the city according to their stops!

    Because of that, I have taken some of its features
    to build the new brand identity...

  • This is a flexible identity, inspired by the elements of the Metro map, to express the years that the company performs in a very spanish way: "cien". As such: simple, easy and fast.

    It makes use of the colors of the different lines of the Madrid Metro, to bring that closeness and vitality to the brand.

    The identity is flexible in colors and also in 
    terms of form, since it's conceived as a modular 
    system that allows to play with the arrangement 
    of the elements to build and/or adapt the word 
    to the different formats and supports.
  • The claim «Parte de tu destino» is a play on words in Spanish. On the one hand, it can be understood as being part of your destiny (look to the past and present); while on the other hand, it can refer to leaving from your destiny (look to the future).
    GRAPHIC DESIGN: Julio Liarte

    This project won a CLAP Selection Award 2018: Best corporate identity system or branding.

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