Hennig-Olsens Slow churned icecream


    "In 1924 Sven Hennig-Olsen came back to Norway from Chicago, 
    with him he brought recipes and equipment needed to make ice cream. 
    This was the start of Norway's very first ice cream factory."

    For this new ice cream line Hennig-Olsen goes back to the 30´s when the freezing process was slower, and made with more cream, which gave the ice cream a fuller taste and texture. Sakte Kjærna Iskrem (meaning slow churned ice cream) is a revival of this old good quality. Natural Ice Cream, traditionally made, with rich taste and texture.

    For this product series it was obvious to look back at the brand history, as well as packaging from the 30´s to the 50´s for inspiration. Based on our research we decided to re-introduce the old Hennig-Olsen script logo, combined with simple, bright graphics.

    Our goal was to communicate nostalgia, flavour and quality, but still keep a fresh, 
    playful look to reach a wide target group.

  • Photos by Andris Søndrol Visdal

  • We also did a TV and social Media campaign made in collaboration with Animasjonsdepartementet, directed by John Christus.