Autonomy: Branding and Identity

  • Autonomy
  • Mission Statement:
    Autonomy was founded on a simple philosophy: to securely advance your family’s life forward. 

    About the Company:
    Growing up under a father who works daily and a mother who struggles with poor eyesight, Collignon found it difficult to attend past times that her other classmates went to. High crime rates in her neighborhood prevented Collignon from taking public transportation and attending extracurricular activities. Although her family wanted to take her to these events, they couldn’t afford to nor could they afford her safety.

    Collignon wanted to improve the lives of hard working families like hers. Looking at her past, Collignon designed a self-driving car that is crafted with families in mind. Using radar, light, GPS, odometry, and computer vision, the line of cars uses the latest technology to ensure smooth traveling and prevents any possible collisions. Equipped with interior as well as exterior cameras, the smart car produces live footage of your child on their way to their destination.  Everyone, from busy moms to house-husbands can now have their kids be safely sent to school without the expense of time. Autonomy’s cars take the stress away from you and your family’s commutes.

  • Pictorial Logo
  • Abstract Logo
  • Combination Logo
  • Letterform Logo
    I chose this logo to be used in the company's branding because it evokes a sense of movement. The cut out of the white space in the capital A represents a car going off into the horizon. The font used is Futura Medium. 

  • Color Palette:
    Self driving technology might be more mysterious or frightening to a parent. There's a lot of logistics and 'what-ifs' that come along with owning a self-driving car. In order to make Autonomy stand out from its competitors, I created a four color palette that would evoke a sense of nostalgia when you look at it. Inspiration was pulled from CMYK and the Back to the Future films for the innovation in thought and creativity. The company will seem familiar all the while maintaining it's advancement in the automated driving industry when consumers look through their system. 
  • Branding and Identity System
    The company's letterheads, business cards, and other branding materials are designed with simplicity in mind. I also took the company's name and used it in a 3 part slogan series for the business cards to remind the consumer that they or/and their family are in safe hands.