Casa Chica

  • Casa Chica is one of those great secret places, an open secret, a reserve of historic Meridan architecture and a place where the joie de vivre is celebrated every night at the very heart of the city. Precisely that is the creative spirit of its owners, which gives soul to this ancient house, turned now into a friends’ bar. Its neon lights present a surprising match with the respectable Maya nut trees of Paseo de Montejo, while inside the most relaxed eating and drinking are combined with a variety of spots to converse and laugh, as sophisticatedly or simply as the moment requires. 

    Casa Chica finds its name in a game. It is our second house, where we find pleasure and joy in the best company. It is “chica” because it is the second one among our homes, but the spark and spirit that light up the place motivate that, almost unnoticed, its dimensions keep on growing in our imagination. After all, there is no bigger house than that which brings us a little or great adventure.

    For the branding we created a typography that dares us to take meaning further and projects the name in capital letters, in a grand scale, leading it immediately to a little game of curved connections and shared lines between the letters. Accompanying it, the flamingo isotype pays homage to the authentic tropical spirit, as does the Flamingo Spritz, star drink of the house, shinning sharp and fascinating as the source of the singular color that spreads through the soul, both cosmopolitan and Yucatecan, of Casa Chica.

  • Interior Design: Patricia Martín
    Signage Design: Glenn Cocco

    Photography: Grecia Erives, Glenn Cocco, Paola Primera