Crossover Communities

  • Developing a community

    In order to address remote work rapport challenges, and to glue together teams, it was needed to build solutions for the partners 
    communities.  They required a toolkit, to voice their ideas and beliefs, and the current system was neither engaging, nor attractive. The visual system should allow everybody to tailor the brand image to their own personality, while maintaining a common visual language.
  • Crossover partners often abbreviate the company name as XO. 
    Pairing the organization with a given city, or country name, should be easy and readable (which means shorter word-marks).
  • The country colors have been adapted from their respective flags, to improve contrast and to avert any legal issues. Wherever possible, the brand color Crossover Blue was used.
  • This system allows an infinite number of variations.
  • A design language was created, that promotes unity and flexibility, over uniformity and rigid guidelines; similar, yet distinct looks for our communities, ensure that everyone can express themselves as they see fit. It’s  easy to adapt on a variety of formats, both print and digital.