GoPro / Apple Watch

  • At the end of 2015, Woodman Labs Inc. (formal company name) released an app for Apple Watch and be honest, it was an ugly app without an option to choose the type of shooting, without previewing and any interactions between the GoPro users. For that reason, I saw as a personal challenge trying to develop a concept for the Apple Watch app, that which would combine the convenience of portable gadgets, the functionality of the existing app for iOS and the corporate identity of the brand GoPro.
  • The basic outlines of the future app were sketched out on paper, as I came up with the main functions and thought out their mechanics within the context of the future app. I tried to put an increased focus on feelings that are to arise in a user when he actually interacts with the app as I brought the existing functionality to an even more perfect state and “polished” the general design features.
  • I designed unique vector art images in order to “represent” different sections of the app. Besides, the design of every screen is connected to the design of other screens creating one long illustration. These illustrations are static, except for Photo of the Day, which features the best picture of a particular day including the avatar of the user who uploaded it.
  • I drew all the existing models of the GoPro camera, including designing them in a form of icons. The purpose of this was to make choosing a camera and connecting it to Apple Watch more convenient. Depending on the status of the camera, the text under its image changes from Searching for GoPro devices to the name of a connected camera.

  • Little bit more about this project you can read in the case study in my portfolio.