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    In a part of the world, where the uses of coffee where not so widely-spread, alchemists explored it's properties by using coffee beans in their experiments.
    According to the legend, Paracelsus, a famous alchemist and his team used coffee beans in their experiments to create the Philosopher's Stone. In such an experiment, Paracelsus, dissapointed by the outcome, threw the coffee beans to the fire, believing that they were of no further use.
    To the surprise of everyone, the fumes of the beans produced an unusual and strong scent that attracted them around the fire. It was then that decided to study the hidden treasures of coffee. When they boiled the coffee beans and when they tasted the extract that had strange flavor and rich aroma, they discovered the special qualities coffee had. From that moment, coffee became a secret of the alchemists who focused and dedicated their efforts to try new recipes and create combinations of flavors, as coffee kept them alert and wake during the long tiring hours of study and research.
    Today, Blaq Hand Coffee preserves unchanged the same secret recipes and tradition enclosed in it's black package, inviting you to enjoy them in silence.

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  • Credits:
    Art Direction / Design: Constantinos Charitos 
    Photography: Dimitris Kapantais
    Tutor: Artemis Roussos
    College: AKTO - Middlesex University

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