EG Bank

  • The EG Bank Case Study

    We won a pitch against some of the most renowned international branding agencies to uplift the brand identity of the Egyptian Gulf Bank. Therefore, the bank entrusted us with their need for an aggressive strategy in order to secure a top spot in the market, moving from its rank as number 31, and becoming one of the top private banks operating in the market. 

    Deliberate research was required in order to work on transforming consumer perspectives regarding banks, primarily by finding out reasons why, and then turning those findings into modes of action in favor of EG Bank. The first step was identifying and establishing a clear and differentiated platform whereby we can integrate our findings into our brand strategy. The main challenge was finding the gap that allows us to seem more approachable, in a way that doesn’t undermine the bank’s credibility, and can carry through as the brand’s main persona.

    A Sustainable Strategy

    As such, our solution was to position the bank as a challenger, leading the transformation of the banking industry by making it an aim to delight customers, as well as becoming a champion of social, environmental and economic sustainability. From there, we started work on the brand architecture and identity. We updated the brand name, going for EG Bank, instead of EGB, to differentiate it from the rest of the market, who mainly use acronyms. After establishing the mother brand, we worked on creating a sub-brand for the under-served youth, as well as introducing 3 banking segments to differentiate the bank’s offerings according to the customer’s individual needs. We then developed a solid platform for the brand, which helped us craft an interesting brand story in the form of line art, making it expressive enough to hold the new story that we aim to share with our customers through all the bank’s touch points, including the collaterals, the brand environment, the bank forms and credit cards, as well as the ATM screens. 

    Given that EG Bank has now been positioned as a sustainable bank, it took on the role of a responsible advisor, one that advocates the principles of living green and protecting the environment, therefore becoming an inspirational brand that works for the greater good, and not just your typical bank. With all these factors at play, EG Bank has transformed the traditional manner in which banks communicate, and are perceived, by their consumers.