Williams Sonoma

    Demi-Glace with Class

    Williams Sonoma is a brand we’ve long admired at Willoughby. Partly because we love to eat, but mostly for the classic and understated look-and-feel of the brand. The Cook’s Pantry line of jarred demi-glaces and stocks are derived from classic French recipes and use premium ingredients. With this in mind, we took a decidedly early-20th century, Continental approach to our design. We took the opportunity to indulge our design history enthusiasm and researched period packaging, architecture, fences, signs and even stationery and they all had an influence in layout, hierarchy and style that made sense for the product as well as the content itself.

    It also gave us the opportunity to exercise our high-school French. Bon Appétit!
  • Our design exploration phase involves iterating and prototyping several versions to test out different variables (color, typography, layout, illustrations).