Created: 01/03/13
Last Edited: 05/20/13
Conceptual experimental book and conference collateral that addresses the topic of evolution and the future of communication, technology, and design.
  • Typography Conference: Transform 
    Typography_3 /// AAU
    The job will be to create a conference that addresses a pertinent issue facing the topic of typography and role designers play when using typography as means of communication. 
    A conference put on by ATypI. A forum for discussion on the transformation of communication and design in the digital age through talks, exercises, experimentations, and social events.
    With the proliferation of media, we have to question the future of communication. It is speculated that in the future, humans will have microchip implants to transfer data and communicate with one another. This means that one day, we will no longer use printed material, letters, or even proper sentences, and will use only simple codes and data readers with highly evolved circuit boards. Circuit boards play an avid role in the way we communicate today. They mechanically support and electrically connect components using conductive pathways in our radios, cellphones, personal computers, and other communication devices. The evolution and the future of communication, technology, and design are discussed at the three day event. 
    Concept: Circuit board, code, data, evolution. 

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