Calling Shoppers to Come To Their Senses

  • This campaign’s signature, “All The Feels,”features macro images illustrating the sensory advantage of shopping at the mall. The shine of an earring, the fizz of a soda at the movies or the triumph of finding the perfect dress with a friend. The kind of experiences you won’t find online. Each image of product, food or activity is paired with an evocative word or feeling and presented in a monochromatic color story, adding impact to the highly textural images.
  • The strategy we developed centers on reminding consumers that online shopping is great but engaging ALL the senses is the way to truly enjoy shopping. Browsing, feeling, smelling and hearing are all at play in the mall in a way that online shopping simply can’t offer. 
  • A secondary level of communications, “In Real Life,” or IRL, incorporates a playful take on terms and phrases more commonly used in the virtual space but applied to real life. “Update your Soft Wear” is superimposed over a sweater; “Enable Cookies” is paired with freshly-baked cookies.​​​​​​​


    The technical production was a feat in itself. Over a 5-week span we captured more than 300 images including models, product, and food. Working with Brookfield’s in-house photographer and creative department we created a “library” of each image paired with 4-6 sensory words.
    Borrowing from methods used for content-managed websites we used variable data to automate versioning over 1,000 specific signs for the 125 unique properties. We utilized Airtable as a content management tool to map out all properties and their unique tenants and then applied a data merge to automate the production each asset. The multi-channel campaign includes digital, out-of-home, corporate/property websites and in-mall signage. 

    The design of the campaign allows Brookfield to add to the library and create endless versions on-demand. This ever-green campaign translates to current and future tenants and has created a sophisticated consistent experience with the clever copy that connects with hearts and minds.