• Aeroplastics is an art gallery based in Brussels (Belgium). For 18 years they presented a consistent programme under the direction of Jerome Jacobs and now they were looking for a renovated approach to attract a wider international public.

    They position themselves as audacious and unconventional, offering large shows in and out of the gallery system, exhibiting only marginal artists who don't follow the trends.
    Inspired by the concept of "outside the box" - one of the keywords on the briefing - and their aim to communicate a dynamic and adventurous spirit, a flexible identity system was created where the brand Aeroplastics Contemporary Jerome Jacobs composes a typographic exterior framebox for all the artistic activity that happens inside it. It was a playful way to visually translate the idea that Aeroplastics's view is "out of the box", and at the same time create a container - that represents the gallery space - where all the projects and art exhibitions have place.

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