SAP S/4HANA simulator

  • SAP S/4HANA simulator 2018

    Client: SAP
    Agency: ARS Communications
    Date: april 2018

    SAP Forum is an important annual event for the company. This time we designed graphics for the gaming exhibition stand, where anyone could become a head of the three companies. We prepared 6 scenes and in each of them one had to manage critical situation, come up with the right solution, make profit and gain a good reputation.
  • Creative director – Alexey Grechishkin
    Producer, supervisor – AlexRom
    Storyboard – Sofia Artsishevskaya, Natalie Popova
    Illustrations – Natalie Popova
    Modelling – Eugene Peacelover, Dmitry Anashkin 
    3D, Compositing – Ivan Zakharov
    HUD animation – Alexey Dubnichenko
    Map – Ilya Tsvetkov 
    Intro animation – Tim Moriarti
    Sound – Egor Voron
    And many thanks to all the people who helped us in critical situations