design: camera obscura

  • camera obscura   
    A Wim Wenders Traveling Picture Show
  • Design systems and collateral for an imagined film festival featuring the works of Wim Wenders. Deliverables included books, dvds, schedules, posters, postcards, environmental graphics and other "souvenir" items.
    The project was designed as a traveling show, opening in drive-in theaters in four locations nationwide. 3d renderings of the event were rendered by Stephen Young of Chicago, Illinois.
  • Rendering by Stephen Young, Chicago.
  • Environmental Advertisement, shown in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • The Festival catalog was built as an accordion-fold, showing clouds on the backside.
  • Schedules for each location were designed as credit-card sized fold-out pieces.
  • DVD cases divided the Wenders films into American and European location settings.
  • The complete package.