Perdue Farms - Structural Packaging

    We Made The Chicken Cross The Road To Greater Sales
  • Perdue Farms was losing market share. So it turned to us to think through a new package. Seems consumers liked the convenience of Perdue’s ready-cut chicken strips, but found no convenience in Perdue’s existing packaging. And that mean declining sales.

    We dug in. Did research. Gained insight into consumer wants and needs, as well as overall opinions about the current packaging. Then we rolled up our sleeves and convened a cross-functional team of marketers, research and development personnel, engineers and designers to look at all options, from graphic design changes to structural configurations for new packaging.

    After landing on the right combination of form and function, we went into testing and retesting of the structural components, followed by eye-tracking research with consumers to ensure the new packaging and design stood out. What followed was a rigorous refinement period, ensuring that designs were optimized for the greatest chance of success. We even engaged a structural engineer to help internal teams create new packaging processes.

    The result? A year-over-year sales growth of 20 percent for Perdue. And category dominance once again.
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