DELACQUA™. FoodStyle Branding.


    Located offshore hundreds of kilometers from the coast, the catch of the day in the early morning discover their daily art. A need - products of the highest quality. Objective- Reflect the trade, maintain the properties and attributes in each stage of the process, protect and enhance the product from its habitat to universal consumption. Result- Delacqua™.
    Brand Concept, Global Identity, Communication and Global Brand Strategy ON + OFF, Product Design and Development, Ilustration Library, Print Applications, Global RRSS Administration, Packaging, Direction and Production of Graphic Campaign, Product Photography, Campaign Audiovisual Production, Teaser LED Clips, Stand + POP, Landing Sites and E Commerce.

    healthy, immensity, movement, detail, quality, perfection, naturalness

  • Colaborators™

    Creative and Art Direction:
    Horacio Lardiés
    Luciano Geoffroy
    Fiorella Lachimia
    Anabella Cartolano
    Patricio Kolar

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