• Inle Natural Cosmetics provides products for women who care about natural beauty and are curious about different cultures, truly natural, organic, vegan skincare products, that allows customers to explore ancient beauty secrets and be part of our community. 


    Create laconic identity for company Malnova and package design for several of their products. Visual language should be healthy, young, fresh and exploring. 


    Emotional connection with customers builded on gentle color palette of pink, orange and deep greens. These colors associates with the freshness and nature. It feels like a rain drop on a tree. Visual elements based on simplicity and minimalism, only necessary characters and associations. Package design should represent the main home of these products - Myanmar. So it was decided to use beauty of landscapes of Myanmar, traditional pagodas that represents cultural aspect.

    Client: Inle Natural Cosmetics |  Service: Brand Identity, Package Design, Print Design |
    Minsparkle Magazine
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