• Over the past twenty years, Neoflam© has expanded their business to various houseware retailers worldwide. As Neoflam© expanded the market and targeted various consumers, they’d considered to focus on young couples or singles who are open to adapt new products easily, for improving their lifestyle in a new way. They also like to decorate their kitchen with new products they choose and fresh out them seasonal, so they invite friends and family to their kitchen. It will make them feel fullfilled by sharing good foods and their lifestyle with others.
    Neoflam© made a great effort on targeting these audience with launching a classic cookware line called, “Carat” which was inspired by diamond shape.

    The mission for marketing Carat design was to illustrate a story which elevates Carat line to grab the target audience that appeared on the magazine called “Korea Daily”. When the audience turn to the page in the magazine, they will imagine a story of a bridal shower, a newlyweds’ brunch, or a house party with their families. It creates nostalgia to the audience and makes them to bring “Carat” to keep building up their good memories.
    I chose to highlight the beauty of the body and graceful atmosphere that only Carat has; it is trendy, classic, and has a distinctive look and feel.
    Carats design is intended to capture the blissful bridal experience and memories of young couples, enchanting a target market that includes brides, newlyweds, and young moms.