Space station FUI and Hardware

  • I wanted to make a device with (FUI) interface for my 3D space station, but it felt like the sci-fi level needed to be cranked down 50%, so I made it a bit more mechanical and modular, some more functional looking instead of fictional. Also the space station is the one I made last year: I just added a few more hardware set decoration.
  • This was an attempt on a different workflow for flat interface and device creation and it was much faster. All device designs and interfaces were done in 1 day in Illustrator, setting the scene and set dressing the environment and renders another day, and renders were a bit slower since I'm using Modo Indie, so no GPU rendering, each render took from 3 to 8 hours. Resume, 1 weekend to design, 3 days to render on my spare time off work.

    Hopefully I'll have time to make more items for this space station practice I have going on.