Monthly Market Commentary

  • At E*TRADE, we began producing a Monthly Market Commentary series which includes an article on and a video. Naturally, I led the efforts to produce the video.

    This one is a true team effort. So the content is timely, we usually film and turn this series around in a four hour timeframe. Our in-house financial expert, Mike Loewengart, stars in and contributes to this series. My responsibilities are filming, lighting, and audio, along with on-screen titles and lower thirds. One of my fellow designers is responsible for our charts and graphs. Our External Communications team writes the script. The opening title was produced by MullenLowe. 

    We began producing this series in August 2017—and with some refinements and enhancements—by March 2018 we had a video cut that we were happy with. It was a team effort and I think we've hit everything on our wish list.