Meet the Ids

  • Meet the Ids
    Every single one of us has the devil inside
  • The Id is unconscious by definition.
    The id is the dark, inaccessible part of our personality. We approach these particular Ids with analogies: we call them a chaos, cauldrons full of seething excitations. They are filled with energy reaching them from the instincts, but they have no organization, produce no collective will, they only strive to bring about the satisfaction of their
    instinctual needs, subject to the observance of their own undeniable pleasure principle.
  • Meet the Ids
  • Id and Iota
    Each Id is a distinct individual, living his or her life to the fullest. Every Id also has its Iota hidden deep inside. Each Id Iota exposes a little secret about a particular Id, letting you get to know the Id just a smidgen more.
  • Mr. Pennypacker
    Ripe and ready for squeezing
    Mr. Pennypacker's got the juice and we wants it!
    Iota: Full of the green stuff.
  • Penny Loafer
    The least articulated of Ids, neither her arms or legs move. She just sits there.
    Occasionally she’ll compose a little poetry, but as you can plainly see she’s completely empty inside.
    Iota: Nothing but empty space.
  • Captain Jerk, Mr. Speck and Ensign Sorry
    Daring adventurers for whom outer space is a trip to their own inner sanctums.
    Note to self: it sucks to wear the red shirt. It’s one thing for the ensign to have guts, but he tends to leave them splattered on alien planets. Fortunately there’s a deep bench back on the starship.
    Ensign Sorry’s Iota: Just guts.
  • Captain Jerk
    The man, the legend
    Intrepid starship captain, thrusting boldly to the outer reaches of the galaxy and the inner depths of his own bloated ego.
    Iota: A picture of his favorite person; himself.
  • Mr. Speck
    Half alien, all conflict
    Our logic-bound first officer is deeply conflicted. And green. A tiny little bundle of doubt in a vast uncaring universe.
    Iota: Broken heart.
  • Unca Sam
    He wants you... to pay up
    Infinitely proud, but profoundly broke. So far in debt, he’s forced to counterfeit his own currency. Buddy can ya spare $2.50 for a cuppa latte?
    Iota: One big IOU.
  • Fairy Godmother
    The Godfther’s got nuthin’ on this mother
    Don’t cross her, she'll rip your dentures out!
    Iota: Tooth.
  • The Musselmans
    These mans are he-mens
    And 100% all natural, we swear. No additives or preservatives.
  • Royd Musselman
    Impressively powerful
    And tenderly, er, tender.
    Iota: Pink teddy bear.
  • Tiny Musselman
    A tough guy with a soft spot
    Not just between the ears.
    Iota: Brown teddy bear.
  • Sam T. Snowman
    He’s a dreamer
    You would be too if you had to stand outside all the time. Those two tickets to paradise he carries within his snowy torso are unlikely ever to be used.
    Iota: Two tickets to Hawaii.
  • Bill Sabab
    Who has the devil inside got inside?
    It ain’t Elvis. Or Michael Hutchence. But you’re getting warmer.
    Iota: The devil inside on a hot grill rack.
  • The Ids are built on a common frame and all limbs or just some can be articulated to move as can the head, feet and hands. The Iotas are changeable in nature and will fit inside the Id it travels with. In some cases the Id interior is solid, or closed off, in others, hollow to allow for the Iota to fit inside.
  • The Ids and their Iotas began life on December 1, 2012 and are growing in number, name and style daily.  The Ids name, logo design and artwork are registered with the United States Copyright Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, pending.
  • The Ids character design, toy design, illustrations, name, logo and story are held to be the property of Jon Buckley. They are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws. Copyright 2012 Jon Buckley All Rights Reserved.