(Híbrido)© Iterdisciplinary Producer. Branding Id.

  • HIBRIDO (Interdisciplinary producer) *[branding Id + Visual lenguage + concept development+Digital Applications].

    Hybrid is developed between production, teaching and architectural communication. The project was based on a series of rhetorical aspects of a visual character; literary symbolisms; the definition of the word as an object and its meaning as a connector; iconography as reference and content; Mathematics as structure and composition.


    .(1DEFINITION. (adjective) *(1. hybrid). [That has been formed from elements of different languages]. (2Concept noun* (2. metaphor) Female name. [Rhetorical figure of thought by means of which a reality or concept is expressed by means of a different reality or concept with which the represented one holds certain relation of similarity].
    .(3Method: Text(symbol/image) text = concept


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