• When Think & Travel came to us they neither had a name nor brand identity, but they had a clear business objective: to establish an agency that stands out in a crowded and undifferentiated market. They also had a clear brand vision: to create a brand that stands for transparent offers and real travel experiences with no hidden charges, unrealistic offers and overpromising advertisements that the market is known for.

    Our primary priority was to devise a brand and communication strategy, with a clear and focused positioning that invites clients to think before they travel in order to get the real experience for the real price. The positioning served as a springboard for developing and launching a vibrant brand identity, including the name, the communication concept, the social media content, and the agency website.

    Think & Travel today is a growing success story with a considerable clientele. Our holistic approach to brand planning, design and website development resulted in a flexible and explorative content platform that makes for a perfect travel browsing. Receiving over 7 thousands unique visits during the first 6 months (more than thousand unique visitors per month) and continuous growth of user and follower base testify how well Think & Travel's vision has been transmitted to a new and more demanding generation of travelers.

    Spring 2014, Oldie but Goldie :)