Draculust (Letterpress)

  • This project started with a single swatch of color, a shade of red. The next step was coming up with imaginative names for the swatch of color, among which were 'Blood Red', 'Dracula Red', 'Red of the Ritual', 'Doom's Dusk', 'Mythic Red' and 'Gothic Red'. I decided upon 'Draculust' and proceeded to print the first layer of the composition with the word 'Draculust' in transparent ink. The next step was print chases with jumbled letters that did not necessarily spell anything and print them using the Split Complements of the original swatch, i.e red. The composition was printed on different kinds of paper including Ingres, French Construction, Crane, Rives, ArtAgain etc., which was then made into a stop motion animation to further accentuate the gothic aesthetic of the animation. 
  • Chase for the first layer, 'Draculust'
  • Chase for the second layer, 'DRR R RA' ; Experimenting with typographic expression  
  • Chase for the third layer, 'CU LA AA LA' ; Experimenting with typographic expression
  • process of using a brayer to ink the chase