Lionni and Walsh

  • Two Designers' Timeline : This project intended to focus on connections, influence, and context in relation to two graphic designers and their work, one from the 20th century and the other contemporary. 

    This particular accordion book illustrates the life and works of Leo Lionni and Jessica Walsh in relation to one another. The structure of the accordion itself reflects the use of and dialogue between two dimensional shapes and solid colors that both the designers explore extensively in their work. Furthermore, the book is divided into three sections, the life and works of Leo Lionni, the life and works of Jessica Walsh and the historical as well as current context in which they respectively live. 
  • Front cover of the accordion book ; Lionni's timeline opens to the left, Walsh's timeline opens to the right and they both converge into the middle section that elaborates upon the context
  • Spread 1 
  • Spread 2
  • Spread 3 
  • Spread 4 : Context 
  • Bibliography with images ; Colophon