Colonté Hotel Origen

  • Colonté Hotel Origen is a jewel of peace in the midst of the historical city of Valladolid Yucatán. A space of balance where everything finds its perfect measure, an environment of peace and wonder inspired by the soul of our land. Colonté was born from the old family house, full of history and life, reinvented to create a vital experience that flows from the essence of Yucatan itself and where the stone, water, and the sun combine to create the highest luxury; the home away from home.

    The branding was inspired in the very balance that exists in nature, in the open spaces and personal refuges, in both the fluid and the stillness to give way to a design with vital rhythms and create an image rich in textures and sensations, creating a profound concept inspired in the dialogue between the stone, water and sun.  A straight and warm stroke of natural lines flows to become the perfect frame for a sober and elegant logotype, a delicate equilibrium where the magic and history of Valladolid are reflected.

    Through the constant interaction of essential elements, and the interaction between the natural and human, we create a unique experience where every brand collateral can be mixed with the brand’s surroundings in a natural and respectful way, in a relaxed atmosphere of essential and authentic luxury. 

  • Architecture and Interior: Artesano México
    Photography: Paola Primera