ClickShare Demo Experience

  • What is ClickShare?
    ClickShare products are considered meeting presentation systems (think Chromecast but for business meetings). They improve meeting productivity and eliminate the frustrations of traditional meeting tech such as cables and adapters. The beauty of ClickShare is its plug and play simplicity.

    Project Details
    Sparks Grove's summer interns previously pitched a demo site design to Barco for their "ClickShare" product line. The client loved the intern's demo site, so much so that they hired Sparks Grove to professionally produce it, but with a couple of changes and special considerations. Some of those considerations included: accommodations for multiple languages, alignment of new site to existing branding, and the need for the demo site to feel distinctly different from the general ClickShare landing page and act more as a sales tool. The new site needed to communicate the product quickly in an engaging way, generate excitement within the reader, then lead the reader to contact a sales rep and get a quote for their specific needs.

    One of the most powerful aspects of the new design is that it has a modular format, where a targeted ad could specifically target one message and bring them to a specific module, but still keep them in the engaging demo site experience.

    Team members include:
    Matt Rickard - Designer
    Chris Oh - Interactive Associate Creative Director
    David Pate - Lead Developer
    Lisa Copeland - Developer
    Evan Pulliam - Copywriter
    Tara Loftin - Director of Product Delivery
    Anja Huebler - VP of Design

  • Design References
  • Desktop Demo Experience
  • Teaser Intro Animation
  • Immediately educates the reader on what the product is and what it does at a very high level.
  • Share Instantly Module
  • The "Share Instantly" module animation communicates the most important functions of the product, building on a progressive narrative throughout each module.
  • Save Space Module
  • A simple comparison image slider bounces in (enticing user to interact), showcasing powerful space savings. Upon interaction or timeout, the call to action pops in.
  • Meeting Waste Calculator Module
  • The dynamic circular sliders allow for a playful interaction with some pretty powerful meeting waste numbers as the punchline.
  • Products Selection & Quote Module
  • Easy high-level product comparisons and "get a quote" buttons make for an easy selection process.
  • Mobile Demo Experience
  • Teaser Intro Animation
  • Main Menu Landing Page
  • Share Instantly Module
  • Save Space Module
  • Meeting Waste Calculator Module
  • The dynamic circular sliders on the desktop had to be re-imagined as horizontal sliders for mobile
  • Products Selection & Quote Module
  • Due to mobile limitations, a larger product page view was introduced. The reader can swipe left and right between different products.
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