Mercedes Benz - AMG GTR - Competition Entry

  • This project was an entry to a competition on Automotive CGI facebook group. The brief was to create a top shot. I started experimenting with different cars and environments    but nothing was looking "good" in my head. I tried searching for some domes but nothing really had the situation I wanted. I was looking for a very specific scene and when I found nothing I decided to push myself and create everything in CG.
  • I tried to create a very natural scene, a car going through the woods on a sunny day with some shadows falling on to the structure of the car. I placed the trees by hand because the maps provided in the Forest Pack were placing the trees on random positions which resulted in the shadows either too sparse or too dense. The road texture is from Poliigon, it provides different road elements as masks so one can create roads whatever way they want which was really helpful for me. Even the fallen leaves and foliage on the roads are placed by me in Photoshop with the help of textures provided in the Poliigon library. The cliff is a texture from the RDT library available on Mastering CGI's website.
  • Here is a clay screenshot of 3ds max viewport:
  • Hope You like it. Thanks a lot for Visiting.