• Project Details
    Delta wanted to thank its top 100 Corporate Travel Managers for their business and partnership. Drawing inspiration from their motto "Listen. Act. Listen.", and utilizing their partnership with LSTN Sound Co, Delta selected one of LSTN's bluetooth speakers as the gift. Delta tasked Sparks Grove with designing a unique, impactful packaging solution that complemented the gift and stayed within Delta's strict budget. After leading many rounds of revisions, collaborating closely with both the internal team and client, and partnering with local printer Henry & Co, the final product was produced and shipped to Delta for distribution. The "bloom box" was very well received, primarily due to its sharp modernity, craftsmanship and fun falling panels (also known as "blooming") action.

    Team members include:
    Tom Atherton - Creative Director
    Matt Rickard - Designer
    Andy Hu - Designer
    Evan Pulliam - Copywriter
    Lauren Doyle - Account Director 
    Melissa Tiffany - Account Manager
    Sara Chamberlain - Account Associate
    Jason Henry - Owner of Henry & Co (Printer)
  • Black foil stamp was used for the logo treatment
  • The lid pulls off and the heavyweight paper panels fall down
  • A simple and economical choice of two colors were used for the print process
  • Company branding and instructions are contained underneath the product box
  • The Bloom Box Unboxing
  • Artwork & Diagrams
  • Structural diagram to show construction and details of components and printing
  • Final Printer Dieline Proofs
  • Thank you for viewing!