Union Plus Holiday Gift

  • The challenge was to produce an all union-made holiday gift to send as a thank you to all the liaisons and officers who support Union Plus programs throughout the year. I project managed every aspect of this piece. I cam up with the idea of doing a holiday pie theme. I then did research around what union-made products we could use for this promotion. I decided upon the following:
       *  9" apple pie, baked by UFCW Local 400 members;
          packaged with a union-made Fiesta Ware ceramic pie dish, designed and manufactured by
       *  GMP Local 419 members;
       *  delivered in packages printed and assembled by Mount Vernon Printing, members of GCC/IBT Local 72-C.
    I also included a pie recipe from members of the AFL-CIO leadership.
    This campaign incorporated much coordination between vendors, since the gifts were both fragile and perishable. I designed the labels and packaging.
    Overall it was quite a successful campaign, with many comments about how unique and memorable a gift it was to receive.