'My Tracks' Android Application

  • My Tracks is an Android application created by Google to record and share users' GPS tracks. My Tracks can be used while running, biking, hiking, or any outdoor activity. Using a phone’s GPS sensor, it will record the path of the user. The application will gather statistics such as time, speed, distance, and elevation. The focus of the redesign was to increase navigability and accessibility of information and preferences.
    To increase navigability, I created a hamburger sidemenu to be available at all times for users to access all app information. To increase accessibility, I created two new features. Users have access to defined settings for day or nighttime activity, and users with a Gmail account can log in for personal storage and access to their information on other devices.
    When a user begins a new activity or track, they have three different screens of pertinent information a map, personal stats, and an elevation chart. Once the activity is finished, each track is saved and can be reviewed at any time under 'My Tracks'. From 'My Tracks' users can replay the activity, review all stats, and share the track at any time. Users are also able to save tracks that they take frequently as routes. From the 'My Routes' page users are able to review aggregated stats, view their top tracks for that route, or start a new track. Users can save markers on routes to have announcements played when reached for distance, encouragement, or reminders about the terrain.
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