kara visual identity and UX/UI

  • Overview: 

    Karla is a conceptual side project driven by a creative brief that was built by LogoCore, a creative studio that provides visual identity courses and practice briefs to create work like this. Karla is a slack bot that aggregates and organizes communication information with the goal of increasing productivity and efficiency for digital workers worldwide. The visual identity system celebrates this idea.
  • Challenges: 

    The main idea or challenge was a way to symbolize or identify the idea of organizing and aggregating information from several different sources. I decided to approach this by creating a series of different shapes and colors to represent different bits of data, I further explored this idea by also creating different ways for the bits of information to aggregate and come together.
  • Conclusion: 

    Karla gave me an opportunity to further explore ideas of using color and shape as identifiers. Furthermore I wanted to create a brand identity system that felt both contemporary and timeless and build a system that can be versatile and applicable across several mediums.