Hilario – Editorial Design & Typeface Design

  • Hilario is an extended bold Neue Grotesk typeface designed by the Yarza Twins. Both lowercase and uppercase are ideal for brands that require a unique personality and a strong message. 

    Hilario was inspired by the 90s Eastern Europe. It is a very European typeface as it can be translated to most (if not all) the European Latin alphabets including Galician, Gagauz and Northern Sami, but it is a type that knows no borders as it also translates to Turk, Bislama and Aymara.

    The font is supplied as a TrueType (.ttf) and OpenType (.otf).

    With the launch of Hilario we published a book that was both a specimen and a poetry book. This book compiled both the characters of the font and some poems we have written during the last ten years.

    Book printed by F.E. Burman
    Paper by G.F. Smith