Site Recovery System | UX/UI

  • Did  you  ever
    ... lose your data on the Internet - photos, pages, graphs, sites? 
    Our team is particularly inspired by modern technology trends. 
    Imagine if you go on a vacation, but return to see your website was deleted because you didn't pay on time?
    This album explores a service that restores deleted sites, regardless of hosting, service or country.

  • Tags: UI, UX, Product design, AxD, webdesign animation, cloud links, cms, clean interface service, homepage, icons, landing page, mobile, tablet, branding, brandbook,concept, big data, interface, tcp, service platform, webdesign, web site design, user experience, user interface, responsive application, motion graphic, dashboard, logo, presentation, workflow, userflow, user flow, devices, long period project, adobe dimension

    Oleksandr Geffen (Yaka Spectrum) - Art Director
    Anatoliy Yarandin
    Anastasia Zhiltsova - UX/UI
    Bogdan Shpak - Motion graphics

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