Operation Drool Overload Dog treat package design

  • Operation Drool Overload
    Dog Treat Package Design
  • The main goal was to create a design that would bring emotional reward surrounding our brand experience and the purchase of this unique product. The goal was to make  people feel connected to both brands, and increase customer engagement when they realized their purchase made a difference. As a result, they would be more likely to continue to choose Lazy Dog Cookie Co. over the next healthy product that doesn’t help to a non-profit.

    Based on our research, there is no dog treat packaging that includes a military member in their photographs. We realized implementing this will give the design a strong visual differentiation point.

    CLIENT: Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Inc & Dogs on Deployment
    TEAM INVOLVED: Concept + Design: Nicte Creative Design, Copy: Nicte Creative Design, Alisa Johnson, Debbie Gaskell and Keith Augustine.
  • We also learned that Orange would be more likely to stand out over the saturated variety of packaging colors in the industry. Considering shelf placement, we need it to be eye-catching. Other than Orange being part of Dogs on Deployment’s brand, it’s also a vibrant color that communicates happiness, optimism and good-nature.

    The front of the package is meant to grab attention. Between brand elements, photography and key copy, we wanted to peak the interest of the consumer—both new and current. Some design structure was referenced to the original Lazy Dog Cookie Co. packaging to ensure that current consumers recognized their brand.

    The back of the package was designed on the intent to “seal the deal” and make the consumer place it in the shopping cart. We wanted to show the unique value of the partnership and how the consumer would have a hand at making a difference—not just for the health of their pet, but in the lives of military men and women