Bosquez Law Firm Branding

  • Bosquez Law
  • Bosquez Law is a law firm represents integrity, comfort, ease. Above all it is supported by up-most professionalism — bringing the truth into the law.

    To support the law firms tagline and philosophy, all of the elements integrated into the concept were carefully selected. The brandmark allows for a flexible use of its components consisting of the icon/symbol and the logotype, which can be used separately. They work together as a system and as components of the Bosquez Law brand. Each element support the brand promise of “bringing light to the law”.

    CLIENT: Bosquez Law
    PROJECT COMPONENTS: Brandmark, business card, stationary design, greeting card, brand guidelines, and website design
  • Based on our research, several law firms incorporated a pure typographic logo or used the scales of justice. Our approach for this concept explored unique attributes that would make Bosquez Law stand out. As well as represent the attorney and owner, while giving a more approachable look and feel to potential clients.​​​​​​​
  • The icon is composed of a structure inspired by the capitol, yet it incorporates its own qualities that support the brands goal. The architecture of the capitol building is composed of primarily rounded shapes and not as many noticeable sharp lines. Our concept brings that inspiration into the design  where we use that as a way to represent compassion and comfort many clients seek when needing a lawyer. Then we incorporated sharper edges to the structure, which represent the professionalism and accountability provided by Bosquez Law. The icon/structure appears to be in-the dark on one side, until Bosquez Law comes in a brings in clarity i.e. the light.

    The brand’s color palette incorporates a balance of both bright colors and dark. These work together to balance the each other out allowing for a design that’s too dark but also not so bright. These colors were selected based on attributes in relation to the colors selected.