• I had a great pleasure to work with Lisa Bolan and great team at Elastic for "Altered Carbon" main title sequence. I designed this section where we see the skin peeling.
    Besides the basic assignment for the section, I got one of the bestest comment from Lisa who was the creative on this ; "go have fun with it..." . And it was definitely fun.

  • Here is the full sequence:
  • Design Studio: Elastic
    Creative Director: Lisa Bolan
    Composite and 3D Animation: Yongsub Song, Byron Slaybaugh, Thomas McMahan
    2D Animation: Jeffrey Jeong, Steven Do, Lucy Kim, Jonathan Taylor
    Editor: Gabriel J. Diaz, Martin Hsieh, Lee Buckley, Nathaniel Park, Shawn Fedorchuk
    Designers: June Cho, Mert Kizilay, Carlo Sa, Nadia Tzuo, Felix Soletic. 
    Head of CG: Kirk Shintani
    Modeler: Mike Kash 
    3D Animator: Josh Dyer
    Producer: Paul Makowski
    Head of Production: Kate Berry
    Executive Producer: Luke Colson
    Managing Directors: Linda Carlson & Jennifer Sofio Hall