• East to East is a campaign held by a mall called Shanghai Xintiandi, and I lead a team to complete the whole plan for this fashion event, concluding the visual system, the fashion show( with provided clothes and hats designed by 26 fashion designers from east London and Shanghai), and the exhibition. Because there were 13 designers in both areas respectively, we themed the event East (London) to East (China). 

    The key vision was the first part to design. To express the cultural communication between two countries, I dismantle the Chinese words ”东伦敦(East London)” and “中国东方(East China)”  by adopting these calligraphy that I hand-drew by Chinese writing brush to redesign a new English typeface. The most interesting thing of this design is the application system. I chose the two main colors originated from the two countries-red stands for China and blue represents the United Kingdom. Then I analyze the dismantle the words again into two groups of unreadable patterns-each group has 13 strokes, representing the number of designers from two countries. The conception is to communicate, to be together, that’s why I split it to make the pattern have to be put together to show the complete theme.