• Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival
    Exhibition Design, Fine Art, Digital Collage

    Biochromatic is a collaborative project with Essentials Creative which exhibited at the Instituto Cultural de Mexico in San Antonio, Texas in November 2017. 

    Biochromatic examines the limitations and exploitations of human perception. Photography, print, projection, and installation are utilized to explore uncommon arrangements of light, such as those found in the fringes of the natural world or on the edges of the human visible spectrum. These media are combined to reproduce the sensations one cannot directly experience, just as observational instruments require translation to explain such phenomena. 

    In a second sense, Essentials subverts the pastoral narrative of natural discovery by presupposing the entrance of mass media. The eye is able to absorb an almost constant onslaught of information; but for all its abilities, modern media technology devalues and erodes this task of prehistoric survival. Advertorial predation on the sublime, and the relentless hypermedia that follows, is used to confront the resting state of perception. ​​​​​​​
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  • Essentials Members
    Sixto Zavala - Exhibition Design @sjzavala
    Misa Yamamoto - Graphic Design @misaeatsyourface
    Fabian Villa - Photography & Art Direction @fabianvillain
    Steven Casanova - Lighting & Video @snapnsteve
    Adrian Orozco - Publicist & Sound Design @considerable_cloudiness
    Andrew Anderson - Technical Director & Preparator  

    Essentials Collaborators
    Mary Stewart - Stylist @veryfairymary
    Krithika Reddy - Muse @bigkritss
    Sharmeen Anjum - Muse @sharmeenanjum
    Duyen Pham - Hairstylist @duyenphamhair
    Crystal N’Cole Lopez - Makeup Artist @crystalmagic777
    Golden Bones - Wardrobe @shopgolden_bones
    Josue Hart - Muse @asapparasite
    Alice Geaccone - Fashion Designer @witchxxdoctor
    Manuel Rubio - Muse @mr.manwell
    Jalen Howard - Stylist @jalenvegas
    Ryan McKnight - Sound Design @mate_spawn_die
    Joe Vega - Sound Design @jeouxfresh
    Annaleesa Wissinger - Muse @annaleesawissinger
    Arianna Wissinger - Muse @ariannawissinger
    Nina Hawkins - Videographer @ninanhawkins
    Fabian Alejandro Diaz - Headpiece Design @fridasson44
    Josephine Pearl Lee - Muse @princessgollum
    Johnathan Dru Acosta - Muse & Stylist @prince.andru
    Omar Cisneros - Fashion Designer @rey.de.roma