Now Showing On a Screen Near You

  • In late-2015, I was asked to create a series of movie posters to promote some of our new new products and enhancements to E*TRADE employees. An executive had requested they be movie-style posters. Given the ask, I chose some of the most iconic movie posters and paired them with the feature that made sense. 

    At the time, we had a series of illustrated (and sometimes animated) characters that we used in social media posts. I adapted them to form the basis of this poster series.

  • We rebuilt our Welcome Page for new customers and promoted internally with a nod to Forrest Gump.
  • Our new Pro user orientation in the style of Men In Black.
  • Send your "documents across the universe." This calls for an E.T. poster.
  • No more wallet? This calls for a classic Ghostbusters treatment.
  • Let's round this out with one inspired by the iconic Jurassic Park poster.