Heart Skip a Beat - 2018

  • Heart Skip a Beat - 2018
  • This year I brought my Valentine design back to pattern. Pattern and shape is all around us and I am constantly drawn to it. For the past year or so, as I've been out and about, I've been keeping a sketchbook of patterns, which I've started implementing into other projects. All patterns start by me seeing an interesting shape or random silhouette. The sketches aren't great (especially the one below), but it's just a space to quickly capture the idea, knowing that it can morph into other things. The process of sketching a pattern and then creating it as a vector file, is quite entertaining. What I love most about creating patterns, is that you can have one shape, and combined the right way, it can make exquisite patterns over and over. As you'll see below, the one shape which I used here, created seven patterns, and I probably could've kept going. Patterns bring me happiness whether I'm creating them or not and I'm all about staying happy and following your dreams. So go ahead and let your heart skip a beat, on what makes you happy. <3 
  • The original sketch from my book. Yes, I signed it upside down.
  • Finding the perfect combination is key. I usually find multiples that I love. 
  • The pattern which I chose, infused with color and incorporating a saying, to complete the Valentine card. The final design is actually printed on ivory paper (from Neenah Paper), which you'll see below. 
  • The envelope is always a fun part of creating the overall experience and I think, just as important as the card itself. It helps set the tone and sometimes even inspires and influences the final outcome of the card. I fell in love with this blush envelope, that had a bold red inside and knew right away that the color of the Valentine, needed to be something unexpected. Patterns and color are two of my favorite things, so I knew this was perfect! Then, I decided to throw in the confetti for some surprise and delight.